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MDS Market Data Systems 

The homesite for Marketinfo and Healthinfo data 

MDS Market Data Systems provides consultants and researchers with regional fine-level (Census Collector District level) household data. This data includes: 

  • household spending in 625 spend categories;
  • detailed incomes, assets, debts (by source);
  • demographics;
  • market segments (all the above data forms part of Marketinfo)
  • and health data (contained in Healthinfo).

Marketinfo is Australians leading household expenditure product. Most consultants engaged in demand evaluation (e.g. for the development and management of retail property) use Marketinfo data. In these industries Marketinfo has become the industry standard. In addition Marketinfo data are used in legal proceedings regarding permits to open new shopping centers.

MDS Market Data Systems also undertakes statistical consulting work, often as subcontractor to other researchers in the following areas:

  • Merging data from one data set into another data set (Statistical merging of Unit Record Data);
  • Imputing survey data onto a Census Collectors District level. This makes available all variables of a customer survey for each CCd in Australia, even for CCDs without observations;
  • Imputing missing data in surveys (for example income questions often have high non-response rates);
  • Market Segmentation;
  • Modelling household spending behaviour (eg link psychographic segmentations to socio-demographic segments);
  • Geodemographic analysis and modelling (e g catchment area modelling).